Red Stick Radio Control Flying Club

Field and Safety Rules

August 1999
        Section 1.1 Parking is allowed only in designated areas

        Section 1.2 Spectators are not permitted to go beyond the chain link fence.
                            Only AMA licensed people are allowed beyond the chain link fence.

        Section 1.3 Small children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and are not
                            allowed beyond the chain link fence, unless the child has an AMA license.

        Section 1.4 All members must adhere to the AMA Safety Code at all times.

        Section 1.5 All transmitters must have the proper frequency number attached to the antenna.

        Section 1.6 All radio control equipment must be certified and stickered as meeting the 1991 Narrow Band specifications.

        Section 1.7 No transmitter may be operated for any reason without the proper frequency
                            control device (frequency clothes pin) attached. Return frequency pins promptly
                            to the control station after use.

        Section 1.8 If others are waiting for the frequency pin you are using for testing and/or flying,
                           limit your use of the pin to fifteen (15) minutes.

        Section 1.9 Effective silencers are required for all engines. The noise level for any aircraft will
                            not exceed 98dB as measured by AMA guidelines.

        Section 1.10 No pets are allowed.

        Section 1.11 Each member is allowed one guest or spouse per day to fly.
                               Dependents will be allowed to fly with a parent or sponsor.

        Section 1.12 No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

        Section 1.13 Each flyer is responsible for any damage he causes.

        Section 1.14 Flying over neighboring property is never permitted. Retrieval of a downed
                            aircraft from neighboring property is permitted only with the property owner’s permission.

        Section 1.15 Beginners are the responsibility of the instructor until the instructor clears them for flying alone.

        Section 1.16 All low level fly-bys over the runway must be done carefully when no other pilot
                            is attempting to land or to take off.

        Section 1.17 Except for takeoffs and landings, all low level flying will be done beyond the centerline
                            of the runway away from the pilot boxes.

        Section 1.18 Absolutely no flying is permitted over the spectator or parking areas. Never fly toward anyone.

        Section 1.19 Planes, transmitters, and other equipment must be kept in a neat, orderly fashion on the flight line.

        Section 1.20 Planes must be started in the pit area with the prop wash toward the runway.

        Section 1.21 Planes must take off from the designated take off areas only and must land in the designated landing areas only.

        Section 1.22 Pilots must stand off the runway in the defined pilot boxes while flying.

        Section 1.23 Pilots may stand on the runway behind their planes for take off only, but never while landing.

        Section 1.24 A maximum of four aircraft may be flown in the normal traffic pattern at one time from the pilot boxes.
                            An additional aircraft may be flown as long as that aircraft is outside the normal traffic flying pattern.

        Section 1.25 All pilots must be alerted when taking off or landing.

        Section 1.26 Metal propellers and knife-edged wings are not allowed.

        Section 1.27 There are no garbage cans at the field. Therefore, each member is responsible for picking up
                            their trash and disposing of it at home. Each member is also responsible for returning any chairs or
                            other equipment removed from the storage room.

        Section 2 Any violations of these Safety and Flying Field Regulations will be grounds for immediate
                        temporary suspension of flying privileges and a formal reprimand.

        Section 3 The last flyer to leave is responsible for securing the facility.

        Section 4 Every member in good standing is responsible and has equal power to enforce the Safety and Flying Field Regulations.